How it All Began

On the 7th day, God created man and woman. Then a bazillion years later, two of their descendants decided to get into fields that they wanted to grow in – storytelling and advertising. The result was Markitin, the top SEO company in Kochi. As a young company at the time, Markitin worked on small projects that eventually turned into brands that sold well. Today, while preparing to be a leading advertising agency, we ensure that all our clients have credible stories to tell the world because what matters is not just WHAT you sell, but HOW you sell it.. 

We, the top SEO company in Kochi, are a bunch of diverse individuals that have come together for a single goal. Our goal is to endorse creativity for businesses. We enjoy building things from scratch and we absolutely love feedback. We are young at heart but experts in our area of work.

While some of us are newbies in the field, hungry to learn more, many of us are seasoned professionals who have worked in agencies and in fast paced start-up companies.