What is Advertising?

Advertising is the best way to communicate with all types of customers. It helps to inform the customers about the brands and the variety of products useful for them. Different types of media, techniques, and methods are used for advertising.

1.Display Ads

Digital ads are the updated version of newspaper advertising that buys ad space on sites that are of interest to your target static. The main difference between display ads and newspaper ads is the use of SEO techniques to reach your target audiences more effectively. These types of advertisements are known as Pay-Per-Click. Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc offers relatively inexpensive advertising.

3.Outdoor Advertisement

Another type of advertising is the outdoor advertisement that falls under the outdoors umbrella – feature your product or service on buses, taxis, bike messenger services, and pedicabs. So being promoted through this way gives you excellent brand recognition.

5.Video Ads

Video ads engage with your target customers on a digital level. A video ad can be created by experts from an agency or even done by your in-house team and post it on your social media or pay to have it run on sites like YouTube, Hulu, and blogs.

2.Newspapers and Magazines

These kinds of advertisements are traditional but effective. Combining these advertisements between local, state-wide and national print media is a great marketing campaign strategy. Many people still reach for their morning newspaper or love to settle down with a hard copy of brochures & magazines.

4.Radio and Podcasts

Verbal promotion is a type of advertisement in which, it has a traditional type of ad recorded to be played often as part of radio or podcast shows. So, you can also have the chance of sponsorship.

6.Email Marketing

This is the advertisement strategy that focused on your existing customers. The email marketing involves them signing up for promotional sales or newsletters focused on your brand. This is an updated customer loyalty promotion and works very well.

Eventhough there are several ways to utilize different types of advertising, We, Markitin Solutions, the top advertising company in Kochi approaches in both traditional and digital worlds as well as focusing on your core target market.