Above the Line (ATL) and Below the Line (BTL)

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ATL &  BTL Advertising

Above the Line (ATL) advertising refers to marketing efforts centered around traditional advertising channels that target a wide-ranging audience or consumer base. ATL advertisements use mass media like the radio, television, newspapers, magazines, theatre or billboards. Below the Line (BTL) advertising uses non-traditional channels to promote products or services and caters to a specific group of potential consumers. BTL advertising practices might involve brand promotion activities like live-demonstrations of products or services or the use of direct emails to target and advertise to a specific group of potential customers. Additionally, BTL activities include trade shows, catalogs, telemarketing, free sampling, exhibitions, and targeted search engine marketing.

ATL advertising campaigns involve high costs for the promotional advertisements which might feature on television, radio, newspapers, and billboards, etc. On the other hand, BTL advertising activities are proficient and cost-effective as they focus on a smaller target audience and a particular gathering.

While ATL advertising activities rely on a one-to-many target approach, BTL advertising has a more direct and personal approach as they involve one-on-one interaction with a target audience. ATL marketing gives exposure to a vast set of audience profiles, while BTL marketing activities give exposure to a concentrated audience profile.

Internet advertising is both ATL and BTL because of its mass reach to a wide target audience as well as to specific email groups, blogs, chat rooms, SEO-centric advertisements and so on. While ATL advertising involves full-on large-scale advertising campaigns, BTL advertising events involve a host of steps like identifying the brand value, identifying the target segment, identifying ways to reach the target segment, planning, and execution of the promotional activities and lastly, the reporting format.

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